I'm Shaida, owner of Felistellar Studios. I am the artist and seamstress behind (mostly) everything! 

I am an alumni from BYU-I; I studied Interdisciplinary Studies, emphasizing in entrepreneurship, apparel, and illustration. I am also happily married to Timbre.

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I'm Timbre, assistant fursuit builder  at Felistellar Studios. I help out with smaller tasks such as shaving and hand sewing.

I am an alumni from BYU-I with a Software Engineering bachelors. I enjoy back-end development and web building. I am happily married to Shaida as well!

More about Shaida / Ann

Learn more about my education and why I chose the path I did.

Why Choose Felistellar Studios?

Why should you consider commissioning Felistellar Studios over purchasing a mascot from a competing company? Very good question--Felistellar Studios is local to the United States, offers affordable pricing, only works with high quality materials, and creates these costumes for performance.

Many mascot manufacturers are located out of the country. This can bring language barriers, communication lag, and higher chances at lower quality material used into play.

Although many of these manufacturers can offer competitive pricing of $200-$1,000, the quality shows. Even a custom costume can cost an individual upwards of $4,500. Felistellar Studios is easily comparable.

Materials used on Felistellar Studio's suits are always of the highest quality and safety standards. All suits boast great vision and ventilation--you can even drink out of our heads! If you prefer a certain material to be used on the outside or inside of your costume, we are happy to collaborate with you.

These costumes are built by performers, for performers. We know what the stress of running, jumping, and dancing can do to our costumes, and how to reinforce appropriately. And even if we missed something, your costume has a 6 month warranty for free repairs. Just reach out and we can get it all situated.