Frequently asked questions

Mascot/Fursuit Q's

How do I order a costume?

I provide free quotes any time, no obligation. Have a visual reference of your character ready, or specify that you are looking for a specific animal and/or color scheme and would need a design made for your costume. Please review my terms of service prior to asking for a quote. Important info is there that is required you review.

Where do you purchase your fursuit supplies?

Please refer to my "Fursuits and Mascots" page, where a link is present on learning more about what goes into our costumes.

I have special sensory needs. Can you accomodate?

Absolutely! Be aware that the extra fabric needed will be added to your quote. We can work on what fabrics work best for you and other needs.

How strong are your costumes?

Our costumes are built to last. They are meant for performers. Bodysuit stitching is done over twice with a tight zig zag. Other hand-sewn seams are done with a tight blanket stitch. If you are worried about durability, please mention it during the quote session and we can accomodate.

Will you work with a parent/guardian for a minor's suit?

Yes! I do require proof I am working with the parent/guardian. I require ID is shown before payments are made. Failure to do so may result in a blacklisting and ban from commissioning Felistellar Studios in the future.

Do you rent out costumes?

At the moment, we do not. We are a costume building company. If you are in the area and want one of us to attend in our personal costumes, we can arrange that happily.

Artwork Q's

How do I order artwork or designs?

Please email or direct message me with your project idea and visual references. We will work out a price from there!

What art program do you use?

I primarily use Procreate on an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil!

I want an image involving copyrighted material. Can I ask you for that?

It depends. There are certain things I can or can't do pertaining to the law. For example, I could not draw a Marvel super hero in the exact style of Stan Lee. However, I can draw your own character in a similar outfit (ex. Jedi ropes and light saber) because it can be deemed a "parody." Please research parody, fair use, and copyright before asking any artist about copyrighted material.

General Q's

How does payment work?

I accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, or cash/check (if transaction is made in person). I do not have payments set up on my website for customers to directly pay because each project is different, and therefore the price is different for each. Please review my terms of service for more info on payment!

Do you accept deadlines?

Short answer, no. I can try to make a deadline, but I can't promise anything. If you are absolutely needing something done for a specific event, a rush fee may be incurred at 10-25% additional.

Do you give refunds?

Short answer, no. Refunds can be tricky because each situation is different. Depending on the situation, I may not offer any refund. The most refund I will offer is 70% of the total price. Please review my terms of service for additional information.

What is your turnaround time?

Artwork: I can usually get a piece done within a day or two. However, I am a full time student and school comes first. It may be up to a week or two before I can afford the time to sit down to work. Mascots: Costumes can take many months to complete. Again, I am a full time student and school comes first. Suits can take 2-8 months, maybe more. It just depends on how much time I can afford to sit down and work.