Fursuits and Mascots

Fursuit Commissions: Closed until February 2022


All prices are starting prices. They will go up with complexity and number of colors. All fursuit commissions require a quote. Reach out for your free estimate today!

Please review my terms of service before reaching out, and view my gallery to be sure my style is what you are looking for. Thank you!

About our suits:

Felistellar Studios specializes in anthropomorphic animals for schools, businesses, and individual hobbyists. We cater to performers and provide high quality and comfortable costumes. All seams are hand or machine sewn and reinforced with hot glue (face only). Heads are lined with neoprene and sports mesh in the neck. We have options to extend lining into the entire body if desired. To read more about what goes in our suits, learn more here.


Head only


Includes head only.

Expect to save up at least $750

Mini Partial


Includes head, handpaws, and tail.

Expect to save at least $1000.


Full Partial


Includes head, hand paws, feet paws, arm sleeves, and a tail.

Expect to save at least $1400

Full Suits

Unpadded: $1700

Padded: $2000

Includes head, hand paws, tail, feet paws, and a full body suit with or without padding.

Expect to save $1900 for unpadded, $2200 for padded

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